Express Your Opposition

The Village’s review of the proposed 105-home Hampshire development is reaching a critical phase. Now is the time to let the Village know you oppose the project. Your voice is critical.

Please express your opposition by filling out this form and pressing submit to send this letter to the Mayor and Village Boards. Thank you for taking action!

Dear Members of the Village Board of Trustees and the Planning Board:

I urge you to reject the proposed development on the Hampshire Country Club Property.

• SCHOOL IMPACTS – More than five years of construction, noise and exhaust would disrupt teaching at the Hommocks School, create more traffic there, and be dangerous for our children. The additional students from 105 new homes would further crowd our school system.

• HARM TO ENVIRONMENT AND CONGESTION - This project would destroy one of our last large open spaces. More than 400 old-growth trees would be cut down and wildlife habitats would be destroyed. Arsenic and lead found on the property could runoff into the Sound or become airborne. And the 105 homes would mean hundreds of additional cars on our roads.

• FLOODING – New and existing residents and our first responders would be at significant risk of becoming trapped or succumbing to flood waters, especially given projected sea level rises.

The Hampshire development is simply wrong for Mamaroneck.

I respectfully urge that you reject this proposal.